Blowfish is a Bonus Boat that appears exclusively in the original Hydro Thunder game.


Blowfish is a large purple hovercraft with green accents that have red outlines. It has a black cushion around the body, along with four headlights at the front end, and three thrust fans with red propeller blades; one large, vertically positioned unit in the middle of the chassis, right below where the cockpit is, and two smaller units at the back that swivel when the player turns the vehicle. On the rear thrust fans are nacelle units that contain the booster modules, rocket thrusters whose rear flaps open up and close, similar to Cutthroat's binary mega-rocket boosters. At the back of Blowfish is its racing number, 88, in green with red outlines. During gameplay in single player races, it is depicted as being larger than the nine main boats.

Hydro ThunderEdit

Because Blowfish is a hovercraft, there is practically no friction between the vehicle's cushion and the water. In order for any boat to corner effectively, its hull has to be able to grip the water as it goes through a corner. Blowfish's lack of grip on the water, especially with its generally flat underside, makes for slippery handling, which leads it to slide a little when going through any sharp turns (such as hairpins), so easing up on the steering is a must, especially when you use the boosters. On the plus side, the boosters deploy fairly quickly, and the Mighty Hull activates the moment you fire the boosters full blast. In addition, it has great acceleration, and good top speed. It also tends to slide over any opposing boats in front of it, making for a unique and useful method for getting into a higher place. 

How to play in the arcade gameEdit

To play as Blowfish in the arcade version of Hydro Thunder, highlight Rad Hazard on the boat selection screen, and quickly press the pilot view button three times.



  • Out of all the boats featured throughout the series, Blowfish is the only hovercraft.
  • Blowfish, along with Tinytanic, are the largest playable boats in Hydro Thunder.
  • It is the only Bonus boat in the game to feature a visible racing number.