The Boost power-up is one of the core features of the Hydro Thunder series. When collected, it causes the boat's booster module(s) to deploy, allowing the player to use them for a speed boost to overtake opponents, or in the case of Hydro Thunder and Hydro Thunder GO, plow through them (as well as any obstacle) with the Mighty Hull. Boost fuel is also needed to perform the Hydro Jump technique. When all of the Boost fuel is depleted, the booster module(s) retract. The boosters can only be used if the player has a supply of Boost fuel from collecting the icons on the track.

Hydro ThunderEdit

In the original game, Boost icons come in 4 second and 9 second varieties. The 4 second Boost icons are blue and white in color, and the 9 second icons are red and gold. In three-lap tracks like Thunder Park and Castle von Dandy, they can only be collected once.

Hydro Thunder Hurricane/GOEdit

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