The Hydro Jump (also known as the Boost Jump) is a technique featured in Hydro Thunder, Hydro Thunder Hurricane, and Hydro Thunder GO. When performed, it causes the player's boat to leap off of the surface, allowing the player to access parts of the tracks that cannot be reached by normal means and even normally-unreachable Boost icons.

Hydro ThunderEdit

Hydro Jumping is a skill that is required if you wish to race efficiently, especially after the easy tracks. In order to Hydro Jump, press brake, and quickly boost while braking. The longer you hold boost, the higher the Hydro Jump will be.

Hydro Thunder HurricaneEdit

Hydro Jumping helps you collect many boosts, and get many shortcuts. In order to Hydro Jump, press X when you have boost energy. You should hop into the air, flying above your competitors.

Hydro Thunder GOEdit

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