Midway is an Easy Boat, and is exclusive to the original Hydro Thunder.


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Official Description (Hydro Thunder)Edit

Very stable and not susceptible to being knocked around by other boats, Midway is another good choice for the beginning racer. Midway¹s weaknesses are its slow booster and Mighty Hull activation times.


  • Motor Type: Marine 850HP Browning V-Drive with a single extra-large prop
  • Booster Module(s): Twin V-Drive motors
  • Length: 32 Feet
  • Class: Sportsman Class
  • Hull: Deep V

Hydro ThunderEdit

As indicated by the description provided by the manual of the home console releases of the game, Midway is not easily knocked around by most of the other boats. Its acceleration and speed is relatively average, befitting of an Easy-level boat like Midway, and the output of its booster is fairly weak, along with the Mighty Hull activation time being somewhat lengthy. In addition, the time it takes for the booster modules to deploy is fairly long, approximately 3 seconds. On the plus side, its handling is good.


  • In Hydro Thunder Hurricane and Hydro Thunder GO, it is replaced by Vector.
  • It is named after Midway Games, the company that created the original game.
  • The red stylized 'M' on the hull resembles the one seen on the fictional Mach 5 racing car from the classic Japanese cartoon series, Speed Racer.
  • The boat's Browning V-Drive engine is named after Eric Browning, the lead artist on the team that developed the original game.
  • Razorback is also a Sportsman Class boat, a Sportsman S to be exact.
  • Midway is the only one of the nine main boats to have an engine that is below 1000 horsepower. 


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