Tinytanic is a Bonus Boat that appears in Hydro Thunder and in Hydro Thunder GO.


Hydro ThunderEdit

It is a scaled-down replica of the famed and ill-fated ocean liner, the RMS Titanic, and is depicted during gameplay in single player races to be larger than the nine main boats, similarly to Blowfish. Its rear-most smokestack is actually its booster module, a rocket thruster on a hinge that raises up and swivels into position and then retracts when the Boost fuel is emptied out.

Hydro Thunder GOEdit

Its appearance is relatively unchanged, save for the smokestacks being yellow with black tips instead of orange with black tips. As of current, the nature of its boosters remain unknown.

Stats (Hydro Thunder GO)Edit

  • Acceleration: 8/10
  • Speed: 3/10
  • Handling: 3/10
  • Air Control: 2/10

Hydro ThunderEdit

Tinytanic is fairly difficult to control, as when you corner with it, the rear section corners violently, making it liable to hit something and making it hard to clear corners effectively, so easing up on the steering is a must. Its booster module's deployment time is lengthy at about 4 seconds. In multiplayer, Tinytanic tends to be a larger target for any players using smaller boats.

How to use in the arcade gameEdit

To race as Tinytanic in the arcade version of the game, highlight Tidal Blade on the boat select screen, and then quickly push the pilot view button three times.

Hydro Thunder GOEdit

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  • Tinytanic's name is an unabashed pun on the RMS Titanic.
  • It, along with Blowfish, are the largest playable boats in the original game.


Hydro ThunderEdit

Hydro Thunder GOEdit

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