Hydro Thunder is full of secrets. To win the game, you must know each one. Here are some secrets.

Super StartEdit

Boost Super StartEdit

(Note: For the PC and Dreamcast versions hold brake, for Nintendo 64 and PlayStation hold boost.)

To perform a boost super start, you must do the following.

Hold Brake/Boost immidiately when the track starts (have it held before it starts)!

When 3 starts to fade during the countdown, hold accelerate.

When two starts to fade, hold brake/boost again.

When one starts to fade, hold accelerate, and you're done.

If executed correctly, you should Hydro Jump (it will be a bit faster than normal) and you should get a four second boost. If you time it perfectly, you can get a nine second boost, although it is rare to do so.

Boost Super Start (Hurricane)Edit

At the start of a race, wait for the counter to hit go, and immediately hold the gas. You should jump ahead and get some boost.

Hydro JumpEdit


Hydro Jumping is a skill that is required if you wish to race efficiently, especially after the easy tracks. In order to Hydro Jump, press brake, and quickly boost while braking. The longer you hold boost, the higher the Hydro Jump will be.


Hydro Jumping helps you collect many boosts, and get many shortcuts. In order to Hydro Jump, press X when you have boost. You should hop into the air, flying above your competitors.